"These guys have an infectious refined sound all of their own and it’s pretty impressive."


- Indie Buddie-

Bicurious are Gavin Purcell and Taran Plouzané; a confused, loud, instrumental and experimental two-piece from Dublin, Ireland and Brest, France.
Formed in September 2016 and débuting with a very successful headline gig in the Workman’s Club in February 2017, they have now played gigs all over Ireland, France and the UK, with plans to tour more in the winter of 2019, at home and abroad.
Renowned for their crazy live shows, which feature mosh pits, head-banging, riff sing-a-longs, and sometimes even vegan cake, they have rapidly built a loyal fan base in Dublin and Ireland as a whole, continuously expanding throughout the UK and Europe.
Their fans have shown their loyalty by funding most of the band’s début EP through crowd-funding and a packed-out fundraiser gig in Sin É, Dublin.
Recording guitar loops live, they build huge soundscapes; ranging from math-rock inspired riffs to jazzy chord progressions.
While Bicurious’ songs can often feature samples of political speakers, which aim to highlight injustices and crises in Ireland, occasional appearances from guests such as Samuel L. Jackson and Donald Trump are not unheard of either. All of this is facilitated by Gavin’s drum sample pad; the unofficial third member of the band.
They released their debut single Sugar Beats on the 6th of April 2017, followed by T.O.I on the 21st of July, 2017. Their début EP was released on the 9th of March 2018, produced by Tom Peters of Alpha Male Tea Party. The band celebrated the release with a sold out show in Whelan's, Dublin. The lead single “Sleep” has clocked up over 2 Million streams on Spotify.

After almost a year of touring “I’m So Confused” in Ireland, France and the UK, they recorded their latest single “I Don’t Do Drugs, I Just Sweat a Lot” which was released in March 2019. It currently sits at over 1 Million Spotify streams.

The band are currently writing new material for a major upcoming release.