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"I'm So Confused" is OUT NOW!!

We have finally released our début EP! It's available across every platform, you can stream it, buy it, do whatever you want with it, it's here. Buy it on the website too if you're a cool dude like that. It does actually help us an awful lot when cool dudes like you guys decide to pay for music instead of streaming, you know?

We want to thank every single person who's ever helped us as a band, who came to a show, who bought our music or our merch to help us get along, who donated towards this EP, even the people who told us we should get a bass player. They just made me want to prove them wrong!

(Don't you wanna ride us??)

I am currently manually burning 100 CD's for you guys on my granny's Lenovo laptop, and they will be for sale at the EP launch show. If you want to save one for yourself before they're all gone, drop us a line on facebook or by email or even just talk to myself or Gav.

There are only a handful of early bird tickets left, so let's try and sell this one out, get your ticket here to make us look like rockstars:

We're also going to be running a competition to win a free T-Shirt, so keep your eyes peeled for that on Facebook.

I don't know how to take out this underlining thing so I'm just gonna finish this post now. Thank you so much everybody, keep sharing/streaming/buying the EP, and we'll see you on Thursday in Whelan's.



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