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Thank you!

Last week we played the sweatiest show of our lives in our tiny rehearsal space. We managed to pack 40 of you crazy bastards into that room, and got to play one of the most fun gigs we've ever done. Just wanted to thank you for that.

We worked hard for a few weeks trying to advertise and prepare this show, and make sure people showed up. It's always really nerve-wracking putting on a show as a small indie band; you can never tell wether you're gonna play to 2 people or 200 people. And when you're doing all the work yourself, the success is really down to you, and to anyone who gives you a hand.

So this cringe ball of a post is for those people who helped us: Davon who helped us with the lights and decoration, Scott who is just Scott, Wally who was a really sound tech, Michael who randomly bumped into Gav that day and ended up manning the door all night, Patch who took some sweet photos all night (see above), Rory and James who helped us pack up all the gear after, Phil and all the other bands who let us use the space, HappyAlone for being the soundest and most talented cunts we've met in a while, and of course Cormac for saving the day once again. Finally, every single person who showed up on the night, you really make us feel like we're doing something right!

We will be back soon with some very cool news, and check our FB for upcoming summer shows!



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