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Watch and Pre-Save our new single "Deconstructed"

This week we're releasing a new song called "Deconsructed", it's the second single from our upcoming début album "(re)constructed". The music video is already out via our Youtube channel (watch below), and the song will be released this Friday on all streaming platforms! It would helps us out massively if you could PRE-SAVE IT HERE!!

Pre-Saving Deconstructed will help us get heard by a lot more people on Spotify, and possibly help us get playlisted. It's really important that you share the song, add it to playlists, and just spread the word about our new music if you want to help us out.

You can now also PRE-ORDER OUR DÉBUT ALBUM "(RE)CONSTRUCTED" on vinyl, CD and digital download. This will also help us hugely and mean the world to us.

Thank you all so much for your support so far, and we're going to keep needing it!

Big love

Taran & Gavin

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